Anjem Choudary moved to isolation after he refuses to stop preaching Islam

Notorious UK Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary has been moved into isolation at a high-security jail after he failed to stop preaching his extremist views despite warnings from prison authorities, the Sunday Times reports.

Choudary is reportedly the first known Islamist to be moved to the specially-created unit at HMP Frankland, however the Ministry of Justice has refused to identify the prisoners held in the unit.

Choudary was jailed for five-and-a-half years in September 2016 for encouraging support for the Islamic State militant group. He and co-defendant Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, 33, used a series of talks posted on YouTube to invite backing for the group, and pledged their allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Choudary is the former head in Britain of Islam4UK or al-Muhajiroun, a now banned group co-founded by Omar Bakri Muhammad that called for Islamic law in Britain.

But for two decades the former lawyer, who is of Pakistani descent, managed to stay on the right side of the law….

A spokesman said: “Some of the most dangerous and radicalised extremists are now being housed in the government’s first specialist centre at HMP Frankland – helping stem the flow of radicalisation behind bars and preventing their influence over others.

“Offenders are placed in the specialist centres if they are involved in planning terrorism or are considered to pose a risk to national security.

“Those seeking to influence others to commit terrorist crimes, or whose extremist views are purposely undermining good order and security in the prison estate, may also be placed in the centre.”


  1. If Choudrey is preaching something illegal why is he not being prosecuted? If it’s not illegal why is he being isolated?

    Add a few more years to his sentence and keep this dangerous criminal out of circulation.

  2. Why is treason being tolerated,?Why can’t the authorities muster the will to send these bastards on a one-way journey courtesy of the SAS????They serve NO GOOD PURPOSE,ARE THE DEVIL INCARNATE WITH THEIR HATE. I do not want my tax going in maintaining them!!!

  3. I hope choudary will serve the whole of his sentence, but that is probably wishful thinking. After his sentence is over I would hope he will be deported , never to return, to the cesspit he came from. Along with him I want to see a clear out every suspect (I think around 3000) and that’s just the start. Islam is like a cancer spreading round the world and it needs to be cut out. Are no mistake, if we do nothing they will get control of the majority of the world. We need leaders who are not frightened to say what is really happening, and not doing their best to appease them. Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler, so why don’t we learn lessons from history. This is happening before our eyes, so come on let’s get real.

  4. This scumbag is still spreading his poison… and yes, we are STILL keeping him, room and board. He has to be the worlds biggest parasite!!

  5. The 5 1/2 year sentence clearly isn’t enough. This hate filled and corrupt person should be kept indefinitely behind bars and in isolation.

  6. Surely all these Muslim hate preachers should be expelled from the UK and taken to the country were they originated from or taken to South Georgia and dumped in a building somewhere.

  7. This guy will continue preaching on his release. Therefore within a week he should be back inside with a longer sentence second time round…

  8. Are We in the UK So Stupid or What, Chaudrey and those like him should be gassed. These people will always hate us. COSTING Millions.

  9. IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    Karma is as karma does. Black and white are “knot-races” that manifest as States Of Mind. All African Americans are “knot-black.” Every pale-skinned person is not “white.” For always, in every kind of way, the energy put into The Whirl by each of us comes home to all of us–as us, or The All-of-it.

    There must be a WHITE ONLY sign on the gates of every hole-in-hell. Capitalism is as evil as live spelled backwards. Life was everlasting long before “the church” found a way to package, and sell “it.” You “own” what you are when you “die.” Even (y)our body is a “loan” that must return to The Divine Mother. If (y)our belief system supports any kind of slavery [mental, physical, doctrinal], (y)our religious mindset is still immoral.

    If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. Some “things” must be absorbed. An expanded consciousness “can-knot” be stolen, imitated, transferred, denied, or destroyed. “It” can only be masked, or “whited out.” The “original sin” is a belief that any One, or any thing, can “act-U-ally” be made separated from The All-of-it; or Creation–itzSelf. We are all a wonder-full part of The All-of-it. We come from KnowThing. We return to KnowThing. We are KnowThing.

    “If we all are not free, none of us is free.” – Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1869)

    “Today, it is us. Tomorrow, it will be you.” – Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia in a speech before the League of Nations (1936)

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